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Professional Picture Cleaning, Restoration and Framing Services.

Broken, damaged picture frames, transformed.

Cleaning and restoration of oil paintings is available at Riverside gallery.


If you have any art on your walls at home, especially oil paintings, take a close look you will be surprised at the dirt and grease that can build up on pictures over the years, this can lead to irreparable damage as air and acids in the atmosphere slowly eat away at your valuable paintings. It might be a good idea to call Hugh at Riverside Gallery for help or advice, he will be happy to discuss the likely cost of cleaning and/or restoration of your old dull oil painting. The effect of cleaning alone can sometimes dramatically improve a picture.


Did your "old" picture fall off the wall years ago and damage the frame ? Did you always mean to buy a frame for that lovely old print or watercolour, but never found  time to do it ?

Whether you need a picture frame for that lovely print you found years ago, or because the frame on your "old master" is damaged, whatever the reason for not getting the frame repaired or replaced, look no further. Riverside has the answer to your questions and will be happy to give courteous, prompt, and surprisingly affordable solutions to your art dilemma.


Modern, traditional and landscape art sales at Riverside gallery




You really will be glad you decided to make a visit to the Riverside Gallery, when you see the excellent and very diverse gallery of modern, traditional and an especially fine collection of Highland landscape paintings for sale.


Large selection of oil paintings for sale at Riverside gallery.